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ELAMOR M19 ORB Keyless Entry Door Lock Review

The ELAMOR M19 ORB Keyless Entry Door Lock is a leap forward in home security technology. This comprehensive review delves into its advanced features, user-friendliness, installation process and overall value, shedding light on why it’s a must-have for modern homes.

Elamor M19 Orb Keyless Entry Door Lock

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1. Overview of the ELAMOR M19 ORB

Innovative Keyless Entry

The ELAMOR M19 ORB stands out with its electronic single-cylinder keypad offering up to 50 user codes, ensuring secure, keyless access. Moreover, it even includes a mechanical keyed override for added peace of mind.

Adaptive Installation Design

This lock’s unique adaptive left and right door design simplifies installation (making it a DIY-friendly option for any homeowner).

Robust Security Features

Built to withstand hacking attempts and harsh weather conditions, the ELAMOR M19 ORB ensures your home’s security is never compromised.

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2. Detailed Evaluation


  • Versatile Keyless Access: Offers 50 user codes, making it ideal for family and friends.
  • Simple Installation: Quick setup process that doesn’t require professional assistance.
  • Enhanced Security: Robust lock cylinder and anti-hack chip for maximum protection.
  • Auto-Lock Functionality: Automatic locking for added convenience and security.
  • Illuminated Keypad: Ensures easy access even in low-light conditions.
  • Long Battery Life: Low maintenance with a year-long battery lifespan.


  • No Wi-Fi Connectivity: Limits remote access capabilities.
  • Battery Dependency: Regular checks required to ensure lock functionality.


3. Installation and Usability

Installation Process

Designed for a hassle-free installation, the ELAMOR M19 ORB can be set up with a basic screwdriver (making it accessible for those with minimal DIY skills).

User Experience

Intuitive and user-friendly, the lock caters to all ages and tech-savviness levels (ensuring easy adoption into daily routines).



A Step Towards Smarter Security

The ELAMOR M19 ORB Keyless Entry Door Lock offers an excellent blend of security, convenience and technological sophistication. In fact, while the absence of Wi-Fi connectivity and the need for battery replacements are minor downsides, they don’t significantly detract from its value and efficiency.

Final Verdict

To conclude, the ELAMOR M19 ORB stands out as a robust, user-friendly and innovative option in the realm of keyless entry systems. Furthermore, its combination of advanced security features and ease of installation makes it an outstanding choice for enhancing home security with modern technology.

This review aimed to provide a thorough analysis of the ELAMOR M19 ORB Keyless Entry Door Lock, focusing on its features, installation ease, pros and cons and overall utility. The lock emerges as a top contender in the keyless entry market, offering a balanced mix of innovation and practicality!


FAQs ELAMOR M19 ORB Keyless Entry Door Lock

Q: What are the primary features of the ELAMOR M19 ORB Keyless Entry Door Lock?
A: The ELAMOR M19 ORB is a Smart Lock featuring an electronic Single-Cylinder Keypad that allows up to 50 user codes. It includes a mechanical keyed override for extra security and boasts a solid lock cylinder designed to resist hacking attempts. The lock also has an IP54 waterproof rating, making it durable in various weather conditions.

Q: How does the adaptive installation design of the ELAMOR M19 ORB benefit homeowners?
A: The adaptive installation design of the ELAMOR M19 ORB simplifies the setup process, making it DIY-friendly. This design allows the lock to be installed on both left and right-handed doors without the need to determine door orientation, facilitating a quick and easy installation.

Q: What security features does the ELAMOR M19 ORB offer?
A: The ELAMOR M19 ORB enhances home security with a robust lock cylinder and an anti-hack chip. Additionally, it features auto-lock functionality, which can be set to lock the door automatically after a predefined period ranging from 3 to 30 seconds, providing added security and peace of mind.

Q: Are there any limitations to the ELAMOR M19 ORB that users should be aware of?
A: While the ELAMOR M19 ORB offers many advantages, it does not support Wi-Fi connectivity, which limits remote access capabilities. It also relies on batteries, requiring regular checks and replacements to ensure continuous functionality.

Q: What makes the ELAMOR M19 ORB a suitable choice for modern homes?
A: The ELAMOR M19 ORB is ideal for modern homes due to its keyless entry, ease of installation, and strong security features. Its ability to store up to 50 user codes makes it versatile for family use or for granting access to guests. The lock’s design and technological features align well with the needs of contemporary homeowners looking for a blend of convenience and security.

Q: How long does the battery last in the ELAMOR M19 ORB and what type does it require?
A: The ELAMOR M19 ORB operates on 4 AA batteries (not included) and can last up to one year under normal usage conditions. It features a low-battery indicator to alert users when it’s time for a battery replacement.

Q: Can the ELAMOR M19 ORB withstand harsh weather conditions?
A: Yes, the ELAMOR M19 ORB is equipped with an IP54 waterproof rating, making it capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions like rain and snow, ensuring durability and reliability throughout various environmental challenges.

Q: What additional security does the mechanical keyed override offer for the ELAMOR M19 ORB?
A: The mechanical keyed override provides a backup entry method for the ELAMOR M19 ORB, ensuring access is possible even in the event of electronic failures or when the keypad cannot be used. This feature adds an extra layer of security and convenience, ensuring that users are never locked out due to battery or electronic issues.

Q: How user-friendly is the keypad on the ELAMOR M19 ORB door lock?
A: The keypad on the ELAMOR M19 ORB is designed to be highly user-friendly. It features durable, silicone-coated numbers that glow when pressed, making it easy to enter your code even in low-light conditions. This enhances both usability and accessibility, making the lock ideal for all users, including those with limited tech skills.

Q: Can the ELAMOR M19 ORB be easily installed by someone without technical skills?
A: Yes, the ELAMOR M19 ORB is designed for easy installation that can be performed by individuals without technical skills. The lock’s adaptive design allows for installation on any door orientation without the need for professional help. A simple screwdriver is all that’s needed, and the process can be completed in about 15 minutes.

Q: What type of properties is the ELAMOR M19 ORB most suitable for?
A: The ELAMOR M19 ORB is versatile enough for a variety of properties including front doors of homes, apartments, offices, hotels, garages, and wine cellars. Its robust construction and flexible user code options make it suitable for both residential and commercial use, providing a high level of security and convenience.

Q: How does the auto-lock feature enhance the security of the ELAMOR M19 ORB?
A: The auto-lock feature of the ELAMOR M19 ORB automatically secures the door after a preset time interval that can range from 3 to 30 seconds after the door is closed. This function ensures that the door is never left unlocked by accident, providing peace of mind and enhanced security for users who may forget to manually lock the door.

Q: What maintenance is required to keep the ELAMOR M19 ORB operating efficiently?
A: To maintain the ELAMOR M19 ORB in optimal operating condition, regularly check and replace the batteries as indicated by the low-battery indicator. It’s also advisable to periodically check the mechanical components, such as the deadbolt and keypad, for wear and ensure they are clean and functioning properly.

Q: What warranty coverage does the ELAMOR M19 ORB offer?
A: The ELAMOR M19 ORB comes with a 12-month warranty, providing customers with support and service to address any defects or issues that may arise during the first year of use. This warranty ensures that any malfunctions related to manufacturing or material defects are taken care of, adding an extra layer of confidence for purchasers.

Q: How does the ELAMOR M19 ORB keypad prevent unauthorized access through wear patterns?
A: The ELAMOR M19 ORB keypad is designed with a durable, silicone-coated surface that resists wear and fading. This design prevents the usual wear patterns that can sometimes give clues to frequently used numbers, thus enhancing security by keeping the keypad’s appearance uniform and indistinguishable over time.

Q: Is the ELAMOR M19 ORB suitable for high-traffic environments?
A: Yes, the ELAMOR M19 ORB is highly suitable for high-traffic environments due to its robust build and long battery life. It can handle the frequent comings and goings in places like offices or residential buildings, providing reliable access control without frequent maintenance or battery changes.

Q: Does the ELAMOR M19 ORB provide any features to assist visually impaired users?
A: The ELAMOR M19 ORB assists visually impaired users through its illuminated keypad, which lights up upon touching. This feature makes it easier for those with visual impairments to enter their access codes, especially in low-light conditions, enhancing accessibility for all users.

Q: Can temporary access codes be set on the ELAMOR M19 ORB?
A: Yes, the ELAMOR M19 ORB allows the creation of temporary access codes, a feature that is ideal for granting access to guests or service personnel without compromising overall security. These codes can be easily set up and removed as needed, providing a flexible and secure access solution for temporary users.

Q: How does the ELAMOR M19 ORB align with modern home automation systems?
A: While the ELAMOR M19 ORB lacks direct Wi-Fi connectivity, it can be integrated into some home automation systems through additional compatible devices. This integration allows users to enhance their smart home setup, making the lock a more versatile and convenient component of a comprehensive home security system.















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