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ELAMOR M22 Bluetooth Smart Lock Review

In an age where home security and convenience are paramount, the ELAMOR M22 Bluetooth Smart Lock emerges as a game-changer. Blending innovative technology with user-friendly features, this electronic deadbolt lock redefines the way we interact with our home’s entry points.

Elamor M22 Bluetooth Smart Lock

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1. Overview of ELAMOR M22

Key Features

  1. Bluetooth and App Control: Manage access remotely with the Smart Life App.
  2. Touchscreen Keypad: Provides illuminated, responsive keyless entry.
  3. Versatile Access Options: Includes APP Unlock, Passcode, and Mechanical Keys.
  4. Auto-Lock Function: Customizable timing for automatic door locking.
  5. User Code Capacity: Supports up to 50 individual access codes.

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2. Comprehensive Evaluation


  • Enhanced Security: Sturdy zinc alloy and stainless steel construction with anti-hacking technology.
  • Convenient Access: Multiple keyless entry options including Bluetooth app control.
  • Easy Installation: Quick setup without the need for professional assistance.
  • Intuitive User Interface: User-friendly app and illuminated keypad for ease of use.
  • Durable Design: IP54 rated for weather resistance and long battery life.


  • Limited Range: Bluetooth connectivity has a restricted range of 32.8 ft/10 m.
  • Battery Dependence: Regular battery checks and replacements are necessary.


3. Installation and Use

Installation Process

Designed for simple DIY installation, the ELAMOR M22 can be fitted with just a screwdriver and basic tools (offering a hassle-free setup!).

User Experience

Users benefit from the lock’s easy programming, convenient access methods and reliable performance (enhancing daily door access routines!).



Ideal for Modern Homes

The ELAMOR M22 Smart Lock is an excellent choice for those seeking a secure, keyless and smart solution for their home’s entry management.

Final Verdict

With its robust security, convenient access features and user-friendly design, the ELAMOR M22 Keyless Entry Door Lock is a valuable addition to any modern home or apartment (offering peace of mind and ease of use).

In summary, the ELAMOR M22 Bluetooth Smart Lock stands out as an innovative solution for homeowners looking for a blend of security and convenience. While it has limitations in terms of connectivity range and is reliant on batteries, its easy installation, multiple access options and robust build make it a compelling choice for enhancing home security and access!


FAQs ELAMOR M22 Bluetooth Smart Lock

Q: What are the primary features of the ELAMOR M22 Bluetooth Smart Lock?
A: The ELAMOR M22 offers key features such as Bluetooth and app control via the Smart Life App, a touchscreen keypad, multiple access options including APP unlock, passcode entry, and mechanical keys, along with an auto-lock function and the capacity to handle up to 50 user codes.

Q: How does the ELAMOR M22 ensure robust security?
A: This smart lock is constructed from sturdy zinc alloy and stainless steel, equipped with anti-hacking technology. It also features a durable design with an IP54 weather resistance rating, making it both secure against physical tampering and capable of withstanding various environmental conditions.

Q: What are the installation requirements for the ELAMOR M22?
A: The ELAMOR M22 is designed for easy DIY installation, requiring only a screwdriver and basic tools. It is suitable for doors with a backset of either 2-3/8″ or 2-3/4″, and door thickness between 1-3/8″ to 2″.

Q: Are there any limitations to the Bluetooth functionality of the ELAMOR M22?
A: Yes, the Bluetooth connectivity of the ELAMOR M22 has a limited range of about 32.8 feet (10 meters), which may restrict remote access capabilities without closer proximity.

Q: What kind of battery does the ELAMOR M22 use, and what is its lifespan?
A: The lock is powered by batteries and designed for long-lasting performance, though specific battery type and life are not detailed in the article. Regular checks and replacements are necessary to ensure continuous operation.

Q: Can the ELAMOR M22 be integrated with other smart home devices?
A: While the lock operates primarily via Bluetooth through the Smart Life App, the article does not specify integration with broader smart home systems. Users should check compatibility if they wish to connect the lock with other smart home devices.

Q: What warranty and customer support does ELAMOR offer for the M22 Smart Lock?
A: ELAMOR provides a 12-month warranty for the M22 Smart Lock, along with 24-hour customer service to assist with any issues or questions regarding the product.

Q: How user-friendly is the touchscreen keypad on the ELAMOR M22 Smart Lock?
A: The touchscreen keypad of the ELAMOR M22 is designed to be highly responsive and illuminated, making it easy to use even in low light conditions. This feature enhances user experience by providing convenient and quick access without the need for physical keys.

Q: What customization options does the auto-lock function on the ELAMOR M22 offer?
A: The auto-lock function on the ELAMOR M22 can be customized to lock automatically at set times ranging from 3 to 30 seconds after the door is closed. This customizable timing allows users to ensure their home is secure while also accommodating quick re-entry if needed.

Q: Can the ELAMOR M22 Smart Lock be used on all types of exterior doors?
A: The ELAMOR M22 is suitable for most exterior doors within the thickness range of 1-3/8″ to 2″. Its weather-resistant IP54 rating makes it capable of handling outdoor conditions, ensuring durability and functionality in various environments.

Q: Does the ELAMOR M22 offer any emergency entry options in case of a power failure?
A: Yes, in addition to its electronic features, the ELAMOR M22 includes mechanical keys as a backup entry option. This ensures that users can still access their homes even if the electronic components are temporarily non-functional due to battery failure.

Q: What steps should be taken for routine maintenance of the ELAMOR M22 Smart Lock?
A: Routine maintenance for the ELAMOR M22 includes checking and replacing the batteries as needed, ensuring the keypad and sensor areas are clean, and periodically checking the app for software updates to keep the lock functioning smoothly with the latest features and security enhancements.

Q: How does the ELAMOR M22 handle user access management?
A: The Smart Life App used with the ELAMOR M22 allows homeowners to easily manage and monitor access. Users can create up to 50 individual access codes, track usage via the app, and assign temporary or permanent access to visitors, enhancing security and convenience.

Q: What are the key considerations for someone installing the ELAMOR M22 on their own?
A: Key considerations include ensuring compatibility with the door size and type, having the necessary tools (primarily a screwdriver), and following the step-by-step instructions provided. The lock’s design accommodates both left and right door orientations, simplifying the installation process.

Q: What security protocols does the ELAMOR M22 employ to protect against unauthorized access?
A: The ELAMOR M22 incorporates advanced anti-hacking technology within its system, enhancing its security. It also uses a sturdy zinc alloy and stainless steel construction, which provides physical durability against tampering.

Q: How does the Smart Life App enhance the functionality of the ELAMOR M22 Smart Lock?
A: The Smart Life App allows users to unlock the door remotely within Bluetooth range, manage up to 50 user codes, view access logs in real-time, and share e-keys for temporary or scheduled access. This app integration provides a significant upgrade in managing home security efficiently.

Q: Are there any visual or audio indicators to alert users of the lock’s status on the ELAMOR M22?
A: The ELAMOR M22 features an illuminated keypad that enhances visibility during operation. While the review does not specify audio alerts, the visual indicators on the keypad provide clear feedback on lock status and entry attempts.

Q: What is the expected battery life for the ELAMOR M22, and what type of batteries does it use?
A: The lock is powered by batteries, though the specific type is not mentioned in the article. It is recommended to check the lock regularly for battery status and replace them as needed to ensure continuous operation without interruption.

Q: Can the ELAMOR M22 be installed on doors with non-standard dimensions or fittings?
A: The ELAMOR M22 is adaptable to most standard doors with its adjustable backset and simple installation process. For non-standard doors, it may be necessary to verify measurements and potentially make minor adjustments to ensure a secure fit.

Q: How responsive is customer service for the ELAMOR M22, and what kind of support can users expect?
A: ELAMOR offers 24-hour customer service along with a 12-month warranty. Users can expect support for troubleshooting issues, warranty claims, and guidance on usage, ensuring a reliable customer service experience.

Q: What additional features does the ELAMOR M22 offer to enhance user convenience and security?
A: Besides its primary features, the ELAMOR M22 offers an auto-lock function which can be customized to users’ needs, providing added security and convenience by automatically securing the door after it is closed.















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