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Lockly Secure Plus Latch Smart Lock Review

The Lockly Secure Plus Latch (PGD628FMB) represents a significant advancement in smart lock technology. With its versatile unlocking methods and robust security features, it’s suitable for a range of settings, from homes to Airbnb rentals and offices.

Lockly Secure Plus Latch Smart Lock Review

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1. Unboxing the Lockly Secure Plus Latch

Design and Features

The smart lock sports a sleek matte black finish, complementing its strong zinc construction. Moreover, it measures 7.8 x 2.9 x 7.2 inches, fitting standard door setups while adding a modern touch to any entrance.

Multiple Unlocking Options

Lockly Secure Plus offers six ways to unlock: PIN Genie digital keypad, 3D biometric fingerprint reader, smartphone app, QR code, voice control (optional Wi-Fi hub needed) and a physical key. For instance, this variety ensures accessibility and security for all types of users.

2. Pros and Cons


  • Diverse Unlocking Methods: Enhances user convenience with multiple access options.
  • Advanced Keypad Security: Patented PIN Genie technology scrambles numbers to prevent code detection.
  • Quick Fingerprint Access: Offers rapid access with less than 0.3 seconds fingerprint recognition.
  • Remote and Voice Control: Control and monitor the lock remotely with the Lockly App (Wi-Fi hub required for some features).
  • Reversible Handle Design: Suitable for both left and right swing doors, enhancing installation flexibility.
  • Programmable Auto-Locking: Adds peace of mind with customizable auto-lock settings.
  • Easy Installation: Can be installed using standard household tools.


  • Dependence on Batteries: Requires regular battery replacement.
  • Wi-Fi Hub Dependency: For full feature utilization, an additional purchase of the Wi-Fi hub is necessary.
  • Hefty Weight: At 6.48 pounds, the lock is relatively heavy.

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3. Installation and User Experience

Installation Process

Installing the Lockly Secure Plus Latch is straightforward, even for those with basic DIY skills. Furthermore, the lock is designed to fit standard doors, and the process usually requires just a screwdriver. In fact, detailed instructions are included to guide users through each step.

Daily Operation

In everyday use, the Lockly Secure Plus Latch excels in convenience and reliability. Moreover, the multiple unlocking methods cater to different preferences (ensuring everyone from tech-savvy users to guests or children can easily access the lock).

4. Advanced Security and Accessibility

Robust Security Features

The Lockly Secure Plus Latch boasts an advanced 3D biometric fingerprint sensor and a patented PIN Genie keypad. Furthermore, these features significantly enhance security (making unauthorized access extremely challenging).

Accessibility and Ease of Use

With options like RFID cards and a straightforward smartphone app, the lock is accessible to a wide range of users (including those not comfortable with technology). In fact, the reversible handle design also makes it suitable for various door orientations.


5. Smart Home Integration

Connectivity and Control

The lock’s Bluetooth connectivity facilitates basic operations via the smartphone app. Moreover, for expanded functionality, including remote access and voice control through Alexa or Google Assistant, the optional Wi-Fi hub is required.

Integration with Smart Home Systems

The Lockly Secure Plus Latch can integrate into existing smart home ecosystems (enhancing the overall smart home experience). For instance, this feature is particularly useful for users who rely on voice commands or remote access.


Final Verdict

Overall Impressions

The Lockly Secure Plus Latch Smart Lock is a sophisticated and secure solution for modern homes and rental properties. Furthermore, its blend of advanced technology and user-friendly features makes it a top contender in the smart lock market.

Ideal Use Cases

This smart lock is particularly suitable for homeowners seeking enhanced security and convenience. It’s also ideal for rental property owners who need to manage access remotely.


In summary, the Lockly Secure Plus Latch offers a high level of security and convenience, with some reliance on batteries and an optional Wi-Fi hub for full functionality. Its robust build, versatile unlocking methods and smart home compatibility make it a compelling choice for those looking to upgrade their home security systems!


FAQs about the Lockly Secure Plus Latch Smart Lock

Q: What is the Lockly Secure Plus Latch Smart Lock? A: The Lockly Secure Plus Latch Smart Lock (PGD628FMB) is a cutting-edge smart lock that offers six unlocking methods, including a PIN Genie digital keypad, 3D biometric fingerprint reader and smartphone app control. In fact, it’s designed for versatile use in homes, Airbnb rentals and offices (offering a high level of security and convenience).

Q: What unlocking methods does the Lockly Secure Plus offer? A: This smart lock provides six unlocking methods: a PIN Genie digital keypad, 3D biometric fingerprint reader, smartphone app, QR code, voice control (with an optional Wi-Fi hub) and a traditional physical key (catering to a wide range of user preferences).

Q: Can I control the Lockly Secure Plus remotely? A: Yes, you can control and monitor the lock remotely using the Lockly app. However, for full remote and voice control functionality, including compatibility with Amazon Alexa, the purchase of an optional Wi-Fi hub is necessary.

Q: What are the pros and cons of the Lockly Secure Plus? A: Pros include diverse unlocking methods, advanced keypad security with PIN Genie technology, quick fingerprint access and programmable auto-locking. Cons involve dependence on batteries, the need for an additional purchase of a Wi-Fi hub for full feature utilization and the lock’s hefty weight.

Q: Is the Lockly Secure Plus easy to install? A: Yes, the Lockly Secure Plus Latch features an easy DIY installation process, compatible with standard doors and usually requires only a screwdriver for installation. Detailed instructions are provided to guide you through the setup.

Q: How does the Lockly Secure Plus enhance security? A: This smart lock enhances security through its peek-proof numeric keypad and advanced 3D biometric fingerprint sensor, which make unauthorized access extremely difficult. Additionally, its programmable auto-locking feature adds an extra layer of security.

Q: What smart home systems can the Lockly Secure Plus integrate with? A: The Lockly Secure Plus can integrate with smart home systems through Bluetooth connectivity and, with the addition of the Secure Link Wi-Fi Hub, can be controlled via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant (enhancing your smart home experience with voice commands and remote access).

Q: Does the Lockly Secure Plus require regular maintenance? A: While the lock is designed for durability, it requires regular battery replacement due to its dependence on batteries for operation. Moreover, the lock’s software and firmware should also be updated as needed to ensure optimal performance and security.

Q: Can I use the Lockly Secure Plus on any door? A: The Lockly Secure Plus is designed to fit standard doors with dimensions of 7.8 x 2.9 x 7.2 inches and a reversible handle design suitable for both left and right swing doors (making it adaptable to most door setups).

Q: What warranty does the Lockly Secure Plus come with? A: This smart lock comes with a limited 5-year mechanical and finish warranty and a 2-year electronics warranty, plus lifetime technical support, providing peace of mind and assurance in the product’s quality and reliability.

Q: How does the PIN Genie technology work to enhance security? A: The PIN Genie technology enhances security by scrambling the numbers on the digital keypad after each use. Furthermore, this peek-proof feature makes it virtually impossible for someone to guess your PIN based on finger movement patterns (significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access).

Q: Is the Lockly Secure Plus compatible with rental properties management? A: Absolutely, the Lockly Secure Plus is ideal for rental property management, including Airbnb rentals. In fact, its multiple unlocking methods and ability to generate temporary eKeys & eBadges offer convenient and secure access for guests. Additionally, the Lockly app allows property managers to monitor access remotely (making it perfect for short-term rental settings).

Q: What makes the 3D biometric fingerprint reader more secure than traditional readers? A: The 3D biometric fingerprint reader on the Lockly Secure Plus uses advanced technology to accurately read fingerprints in less than 0.3 seconds. Unlike traditional readers, it captures detailed three-dimensional images of fingerprints (making it more secure and resistant to spoofing or duplication attempts).

Q: Can I schedule auto-locking for specific times with the Lockly Secure Plus? A: Yes, the Lockly Secure Plus allows users to customize auto-lock settings, including scheduling the lock to automatically engage at specific times. This feature adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind, ensuring the door is always locked when needed.

Q: What is the Secure Link Wi-Fi Hub, and why would I need it? A: The Secure Link Wi-Fi Hub is an optional accessory that adds Wi-Fi management capability to your Lockly Secure Plus, allowing for remote access, monitoring and control of the lock through the internet. In fact, it also enables voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant (making it a valuable addition for users seeking full smart home integration).

Q: How do I handle lockouts with the Lockly Secure Plus? A: In the event of a lockout, the Lockly Secure Plus provides multiple backup options, including using the physical key provided or accessing the lock through the smartphone app. Furthermore, for added security, you can also enter your PIN using the PIN Genie keypad or authenticate via the fingerprint reader (ensuring you’re never locked out).

Q: Are there any subscription fees associated with the Lockly app or its features? A: The Lockly app does not require any subscription fees to access its standard features, including remote locking/unlocking, access history and guest access management. However, additional services or features outside the standard offerings may be subject to fees or charges in the future.

Q: How weather-resistant is the Lockly Secure Plus Smart Lock? A: The Lockly Secure Plus is designed with durability in mind, featuring a zinc alloy body and matte black finish that provide a level of weather resistance against normal outdoor conditions. However, it’s always recommended to check the specific IP rating for detailed weather-resistance levels.

Q: Does the Lockly Secure Plus support integration with home security systems? A: While the Lockly Secure Plus primarily offers standalone security features, its Wi-Fi hub enables integration into broader smart home ecosystems. Moreover, this can allow for potential connectivity with certain home security systems, especially those that support integration with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for enhanced home security solutions.

Q: What customer support options are available for Lockly Secure Plus users? A: Lockly offers comprehensive customer support for the Secure Plus users, including a detailed FAQ section, installation guides, online support tickets and direct customer service contact options. Moreover, this ensures users can receive assistance with installation, troubleshooting and any other inquiries they may have.

Q: How long do the batteries last in the Lockly Secure Plus, and what type does it require? A: The Lockly Secure Plus operates on 4 AA batteries, with a battery life expectancy that can vary based on usage patterns but generally lasts for several months. Furthermore, users receive notifications via the Lockly app when batteries are running low, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Q: Can the Lockly Secure Plus Smart Lock detect if my door is ajar? A: Yes, thanks to its built-in gyroscope, the Lockly Secure Plus can detect not only the lock status but also if your door is left ajar. In fact, this door position detection capability adds an additional layer of security by informing users of the complete status of their entryway.

Q: Is there a way to access the Lockly Secure Plus if my smartphone is not available? A: Absolutely. In addition to smartphone app control, users can access the Lockly Secure Plus using physical keys, the PIN Genie digital keypad, or the 3D biometric fingerprint reader (ensuring entry is always possible even without a smartphone).

Q: What security certifications does the Lockly Secure Plus hold? A: The Lockly Secure Plus is designed to meet high security and durability standards, though specific security certifications can vary by model and region. Moreover, it’s advisable to review the product specifications or contact Lockly support for detailed information on certifications like ANSI/BHMA grades.

Q: How does the optional Wi-Fi hub enhance the Lockly Secure Plus’s functionality? A: Adding the optional Wi-Fi hub to your Lockly Secure Plus expands its functionality by enabling remote access over the internet, voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and the ability to receive real-time alerts and updates (providing a more integrated smart home experience).

Q: Can the Lockly Secure Plus manage multiple user access simultaneously? A: Yes, the Lockly Secure Plus supports multiple user access, allowing homeowners to create unique access codes, eKeys, or fingerprint profiles for family members, guests and service personnel, which can be managed and monitored via the Lockly app.

Q: How does the Scan-to-Open QR code feature work? A: The Scan-to-Open QR code feature, available with the optional Wi-Fi hub, generates a unique QR code that guests can scan with their smartphones to gain access. Furthermore, this feature offers a secure and convenient way for temporary access without needing physical keys or permanent codes.

Q: What happens during a power outage? Does the Lockly Secure Plus remain operational? A: Since the Lockly Secure Plus is battery-operated, it remains fully operational during a power outage (ensuring users can still access their property without interruption). In fact, this makes it a reliable security choice regardless of power availability.

Q: Does the Lockly Secure Plus support auto-generated guest codes for rental properties? A: Yes, for rental property owners, the Lockly Secure Plus supports auto-generated guest codes, which can be easily managed and revoked through the Lockly app (enhancing the convenience and security of managing access for short-term rentals).

Q: Where can I find installation and troubleshooting resources for the Lockly Secure Plus? A: Installation and troubleshooting guides for the Lockly Secure Plus are readily available on the Lockly website, within the Lockly app and through customer support channels. Moreover, these resources include step-by-step instructions, videos and FAQs to assist users with setup and operational queries.














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