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Philips Fingerprint Door Lock Review

Philips, a brand synonymous with innovation, has introduced the Fingerprint Door Lock, blending cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features. This review explores the functionality, design and overall value of this keyless entry system, offering a comprehensive look at its features and real-world applications.

Philips Fingerprint Door Lock Review

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1. Product Overview

  1. Brand: Philips
  2. Model: Fingerprint Door Lock
  3. Design: Sleek, matte black finish
  4. Dimensions: 2.64 x 0.63 x 6.3 inches
  5. Material: Aluminum, Zinc
  6. Unlocking Methods: Fingerprint, Passcode, Mechanical Key, One-time Code
  7. Battery Life: Up to 1 year

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2. Detailed Features and Performance


  • Multiple Unlocking Methods: Offers flexibility with 50 fingerprint registrations, 20 PIN codes and mechanical keys.
  • One-Time PIN Code: Ideal for granting temporary access to guests.
  • Extended Battery Life: Lasts up to a year, minimizing frequent battery changes.
  • Enhanced Security Features: Includes a lockout alarm, low battery alert and privacy mode.
  • Easy Activation: Simply place the palm over the lock to activate the keypad.


  • Lack of Connectivity: No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth integration limits remote access features.
  • Limited User Guidance: Absence of a digital display may challenge some users.


3. Installation and Setup

  1. Ease of Installation: Can be installed with basic tools, suitable for most door types.
  2. User-Friendly Setup: The lock is programmed through physical interaction with voice guidance for added convenience.

4. Security and Access Control

  1. Reliability: Quick fingerprint recognition and responsive keypad.
  2. Safety Features: Multiple alerts and modes to enhance security and user peace of mind.

5. Aesthetics and Build Quality

  1. Design: Modern and minimalist, fitting well with various door styles.
  2. Material Quality: Durable construction with a matte black finish offers both style and longevity.


6. Pros and Cons Overview


  • Versatile unlocking options cater to different user preferences.
  • Long-lasting battery life for consistent performance.
  • Advanced security features for enhanced home protection.
  • User-friendly interface with easy-to-follow voice guidance.


  • Lack of remote access capabilities due to no internet connectivity.
  • Reliance on batteries might be a concern for some users.
  • Some users may find the lack of a digital display less intuitive.

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Ideal for Tech-Savvy Homeowners

The Philips Fingerprint Door Lock is a great fit for those who prioritize security, convenience and modern aesthetics in a home locking system. Furthermore, it’s particularly well-suited for tech-savvy users and those looking for a dependable, keyless entry solution.

Final Thoughts

Finally, Philips has successfully merged technology with practicality in this door lock, offering a secure and convenient way to manage home access. While it may lack remote connectivity, its robust security features and ease of use make it a worthy investment for enhancing home security!


FAQs about the Philips Fingerprint Door Lock

Q: What are the primary features of the Philips Fingerprint Door Lock?
A: The Philips Fingerprint Door Lock offers a sleek, matte black finish and multiple unlocking methods, including fingerprint, passcode, mechanical key, and one-time code. It is constructed from aluminum and zinc, measuring 2.64 x 0.63 x 6.3 inches. The lock’s battery life extends up to one year.

Q: Can the Philips Fingerprint Door Lock be easily installed?
A: Yes, this lock can be installed with basic tools and is suitable for most door types. It features a user-friendly setup with voice guidance to assist you during the programming process.

Q: What are the security features of this lock?
A: The lock includes several advanced security features like a lockout alarm, low battery alert, and a privacy mode. These features are designed to enhance your home’s security and offer peace of mind.

Q: What are the cons of using the Philips Fingerprint Door Lock?
A: The main drawbacks are the lack of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which limits remote access capabilities, and its dependency on batteries, which could pose a risk during power outages. Also, the absence of a digital display might be challenging for some users.

Q: How does the one-time PIN code feature work?
A: The one-time PIN code is ideal for temporary access. It allows you to generate a PIN code that can be used once and then becomes invalid, perfect for giving access to guests without compromising ongoing security.

Q: What should I do when the batteries start running low?
A: The Philips Fingerprint Door Lock features a low battery alert to notify you when the batteries need replacing. It’s recommended to change them as soon as you receive this alert to ensure continuous protection.

Q: Is this product suitable for all types of homes?
A: Yes, with its modern design and robust build, the Philips Fingerprint Door Lock fits well with various door styles, making it ideal for both modern and traditional homes looking to enhance security with a tech-savvy locking solution.

Q: What materials are used in the construction of the Philips Fingerprint Door Lock?
A: The lock is made from high-quality aluminum and zinc, providing both durability and a stylish matte black finish. These materials ensure longevity and resilience against wear and tear.

Q: How versatile are the unlocking options for this door lock?
A: The Philips Fingerprint Door Lock offers exceptional versatility with four unlocking methods: fingerprint recognition, passcode entry, a mechanical key, and one-time codes. This variety allows for flexible access control, tailored to different user needs and scenarios.

Q: Are there any specific tools required for the installation of the door lock?
A: Installation requires only basic tools, making it a user-friendly process for most homeowners. Detailed instructions and voice guidance facilitate a smooth setup experience without the need for professional installation.

Q: What type of batteries does the Philips Fingerprint Door Lock use and how often do they need to be replaced?
A: The lock is powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries, which can last up to one year depending on usage. Battery longevity ensures reliable operation over extended periods, minimizing the need for frequent replacements.

Q: How does the Philips Fingerprint Door Lock enhance home security?
A: It enhances security through features like a lockout alarm, privacy mode, and quick and reliable fingerprint recognition. These functionalities ensure that your home remains secure against unauthorized access while providing convenient access to authorized individuals.

Q: What should users know about the lock’s ease of activation?
A: Users can easily activate the keypad or touchscreen by placing their palm over the lock. This simple activation method is designed to be intuitive and quick, enhancing the user experience by making it straightforward to engage the lock’s functionalities.

Q: Who would benefit most from the Philips Fingerprint Door Lock?
A: The lock is particularly well-suited for tech-savvy homeowners who value modern aesthetics, convenience, and advanced security in a home locking system. Its user-friendly nature and robust security features make it an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade their home security systems with cutting-edge technology.

Q: Can the Philips Fingerprint Door Lock be used on all types of doors?
A: Yes, this door lock is designed to be compatible with most door types, enhancing its versatility. Its adaptable design and easy installation process make it suitable for a wide range of residential door styles.

Q: What specific safety features does this lock offer to protect against unauthorized access?
A: In addition to the lockout alarm and privacy mode, the Philips Fingerprint Door Lock features enhanced security measures like quick and accurate fingerprint recognition and the ability to set unique access codes. These features significantly bolster your home’s defenses against unauthorized entry.

Q: How user-friendly is the keypad activation process on this lock?
A: The lock’s keypad or touchscreen is exceptionally user-friendly, activated simply by placing a palm over it. This easy wake-up feature makes it both practical and efficient, especially when your hands are full or in a hurry.

Q: What is the estimated battery life of the Philips Fingerprint Door Lock and what implications does this have for homeowners?
A: With a battery life that can extend up to a year, homeowners can enjoy prolonged periods without the need for battery replacement, providing convenience and reliability. This long battery life is especially beneficial for those who prefer low-maintenance home security solutions.

Q: How does the Philips Fingerprint Door Lock cater to the needs of guests or temporary visitors?
A: The lock’s one-time PIN code feature is perfect for granting temporary access to guests. This ability to generate unique, temporary codes offers a secure way to let visitors enter your home without compromising the overall security of your permanent access settings.

Q: What makes the Philips Fingerprint Door Lock a good investment for modern homes?
A: Its blend of modern aesthetics, durable materials, and a variety of unlocking methods make it a smart investment for homeowners looking to enhance their property’s security with technology-driven solutions. The lock’s design and features align well with contemporary home decor and tech-savvy user preferences.

Q: Are there any additional accessories or components needed to operate the Philips Fingerprint Door Lock?
A: No additional components are needed to operate the lock. It comes with all necessary parts and batteries included, ensuring that you can set it up and start using it right away, straight out of the box.














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