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TEEHO TE006 Smart Lock Review

In the era of smart home automation, the TEEHO TE006 Smart Lock stands out as a game-changer in home security. Offering a 5-in-1 unlocking system, it caters to the modern need for convenience and safety. This review comprehensively examines the features, benefits and drawbacks of this innovative smart lock.

Teeho Te006 Smart Lock

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1. Overview of Features

Versatile Unlocking Methods

  1. Multiple Access Options: IC card, App, Passcode, Keys and Apple Watch.
  2. PIN Code Flexibility: Supports 250 unique PIN codes, customizable for various access needs.
  3. Remote Access: Integrates with TEEHO Gateway for remote operation and voice control via Alexa/Google Assistant.

2. Detailed Review


  • Diverse Unlocking Options: Enhances user convenience and offers backup methods.
  • App Integration: Allows for easy control, access sharing and real-time monitoring.
  • Enhanced Security: Auto-lock feature and random number addition for anti-peeping.
  • Extended Battery Life: Up to 1-year battery life with low battery alerts.
  • Weatherproof Design: IP54 rating ensures durability in various environmental conditions.


  • Gateway Sold Separately: Additional purchase required for remote access and voice control.
  • Battery Requirement: Batteries not included (requiring an extra purchase).

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3. Installation and Ease of Use

Simple Installation

  1. DIY-Friendly: Easy to install with just a screwdriver, no need for professional help.
  2. Inclusive Kit: Comes with all necessary components for installation.
  3. User-Friendly App: Intuitive app interface for easy setup and management.


4. Performance and Efficiency

Reliable and Convenient Access

  1. Auto Lock Functionality: Customizable timing for auto-locking enhances security.
  2. One-Touch Locking: Quick lock option for added convenience.
  3. Robust Construction: Alloy material ensures longevity and resilience.



Ideal for Modern Homes

The TEEHO TE006 Smart Lock is perfect for those embracing smart home technology (prioritizing both security and convenience).

Final Thoughts

To conclude, while the lack of included batteries and the need for an additional gateway for some features might be seen as drawbacks, the TEEHO TE006’s versatile unlocking options, robust build and user-friendly design make it a compelling choice for anyone looking to upgrade their home security system!


FAQs TEEHO TE006 Smart Lock

Q: What are the primary unlocking options for the TEEHO TE006 Smart Lock ?
A: The TEEHO TE006 provides a versatile 5-in-1 unlocking system, including IC card, app, passcode, keys, and Apple Watch integration. These methods cater to different user preferences and ensure convenient access.

Q: Does the TEEHO TE006 require additional purchases for full functionality?
A: Yes, to utilize the remote access and voice control features via Alexa or Google Assistant, the TEEHO Gateway needs to be purchased separately. Also, batteries are not included with the lock and need to be bought by the user.

Q: What type of battery life can I expect from the TEEHO TE006 Smart Lock , and what are its power requirements?
A: The smart lock boasts an extended battery life of up to one year. It operates on batteries that need to be purchased separately. The lock also features a low battery alert to remind users to replace the batteries timely.

Q: How does the TEEHO TE006 enhance security for users?
A: The TE006 enhances security with features like auto-lock, which can be set to engage at a custom timing, and the ability to add random numbers to your passcode to prevent peeping, ensuring your entry code remains secure.

Q: Is the TEEHO TE006 Smart Lock weather-resistant?
A: Yes, this smart lock is designed with an IP54 rating, making it resistant to dust and splashes of water, which ensures its durability in various environmental conditions.

Q: How user-friendly is the installation of the TEEHO TE006 ?
A: The TE006 smart lock is DIY-friendly, requiring only a screwdriver for installation. The package includes all necessary components, and the intuitive app guides the user through setup and management, making the installation process straightforward and quick.

Q: What warranty and support does TEEHO offer for the TE006 Smart Lock ?
A: TEEHO provides a 1-year warranty on the TE006 Smart Lock, along with lifetime technical support. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, and customer service is available via online phone calls Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm PDT.

Q: Can the TEEHO TE006 Smart Lock be used on different types of doors?
A: Yes, the TEEHO TE006 is versatile and can be installed on various door types, making it suitable for homes, apartments, Airbnb properties, offices, hotels, schools, and business premises. It’s designed to fit doors with standard thickness and comes with an adjustable latch to accommodate different setups.

Q: How does the TEEHO TE006 manage multiple user access?
A: The TEEHO TE006 supports up to 250 unique PIN codes, allowing property owners or managers to assign different access levels to various users. This feature is particularly useful for Airbnb hosts and employers who need to grant temporary or permanent access to guests or employees.

Q: What is the operational temperature range for the TEEHO TE006 Smart Lock ?
A: The smart lock is built to operate efficiently in a wide range of temperatures, from -31°F to 151°F. This makes it robust enough to handle various weather conditions, ensuring reliable functionality in both cold and hot climates.

Q: Are there any anti-theft features included in the TEEHO TE006 design?
A: Yes, the TEEHO TE006 includes several security features to prevent unauthorized access, including an auto-lock function, a feature that allows the addition of random numbers before or after the correct passcode, and a sturdy alloy construction which resists tampering.

Q: What are the communication protocols supported by the TEEHO TE006 Smart Lock ?
A: The smart lock supports Bluetooth for local connectivity, which can be extended to remote access through the TEEHO Gateway for integration with smart home systems and voice control via Alexa and Google Assistant.

Q: What customer support options are available for troubleshooting issues with the TEEHO TE006 ?
A: TEEHO offers lifetime technical support for the TE006 Smart Lock, with customer service available through online phone calls from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm PDT. They also provide helpful resources like installation guides and instructional videos to assist with setup and maintenance.

Q: What backup options are available if the TEEHO TE006 Smart Lock batteries run out?
A: If the batteries deplete, the TEEHO TE006 offers manual key access as a reliable backup. This ensures that users can still gain entry even when the electronic components are not powered. Users are also alerted by a low battery notification on the app to change the batteries well before they run out.

Q: Can the TEEHO TE006 Smart Lock be integrated with existing smart home systems?
A: Integration with other smart home systems requires the separate purchase of the TEEHO Gateway, which enables connectivity with popular platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control. This feature enhances the user experience by allowing for seamless integration into an existing smart home setup.

Q: How does the TEEHO TE006 Smart Lock enhance user convenience?
A: This smart lock enhances convenience with features like one-touch locking and auto-lock, which can be set to automatically secure your door after it closes or after a set time. Additionally, the lock can be controlled via the app, providing remote locking and unlocking capabilities, which is especially useful for managing access when away from the property.

Q: What specific measures does the TEEHO TE006 take to ensure user privacy and security?
A: The TEEHO TE006 is designed with advanced security features to protect user privacy and enhance security. This includes an auto-lock function that ensures the door is always locked when closed, the option to enter random numbers before or after your actual passcode to prevent onlookers from capturing your code, and secure Bluetooth connectivity for reliable app control.

Q: What types of customer support does TEEHO provide for the TE006 Smart Lock ?
A: TEEHO offers comprehensive customer support, including a 1-year warranty on the lock and lifetime technical support for troubleshooting and assistance. Their 30-day money-back guarantee provides additional peace of mind for new users. Customer support is accessible via online phone calls, ensuring that help is just a call away.

Q: What are the durability and weather resistance features of the TEEHO TE006 Smart Lock ?
A: The TEEHO TE006 is built to withstand various environmental conditions with an IP54 rating, protecting it against dust and water splashes. Made from rugged alloy and tested to operate between -31°F and 151°F, the lock is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, ensuring long-lasting performance in diverse climates.













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