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ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock Review

The ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock represents a significant leap in home security technology. This review delves into its features, usability, installation and overall value to provide a comprehensive understanding of what makes this product stand out in the smart lock market.

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1. Overview of Key Features

7-in-1 Keyless Entry

Offering an impressive array of entry options including fingerprint ID, smartphone access and voice control, the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro ensures convenience and flexibility for users.

Bluetooth-Enabled Control

Through Bluetooth, users can manage the lock, grant access, and monitor entry logs. Moreover, the optional Ultraloq Bridge WiFi Adaptor enhances functionality (allowing remote access).

Auto Lock/Unlock & Security Standards

This smart lock provides peace of mind with its auto-locking feature and high security (meeting ANSI/BHMA A156.36-2020 standards for durability and strength).

DIY Friendly Installation

Designed for ease of installation, the U-Bolt Pro can be set up with just a screwdriver (fitting most US standard doors).

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2. In-Depth Analysis


  • Versatile Entry Options: Enhances user convenience with multiple access methods.
  • Enhanced Security: Meets high industry standards (ensuring robust protection for your home).
  • Remote Access and Management: Facilitates easy control and monitoring of access, especially with the optional WiFi bridge.
  • User-Friendly Installation: Simple setup process that can be completed without professional help.
  • Smart Home Integration: Compatible with leading voice assistants and smart home ecosystems.
  • Durable and Weatherproof: Suitable for various environmental conditions.


  • Dependence on Batteries: Regular battery replacement is required.
  • Additional Cost for WiFi Bridge: Remote access requires purchasing an extra component.


3. Installation and User Experience

Installation Process

The U-Bolt Pro is designed for a straightforward installation (making it accessible to individuals with basic DIY skills).


The lock’s interface, both on the device and the app, is user-friendly (ensuring ease of use for people of varying tech-savviness).


Final Thoughts

A Versatile and Secure Smart Lock Solution

The ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock is a formidable contender in the smart lock market, offering a unique blend of security, convenience and technological advancement. In fact, its multifaceted features cater to a wide range of preferences (making it a versatile choice for different types of users).

While the need for periodic battery changes and the additional purchase for remote access via WiFi are minor downsides, they do not significantly detract from the lock’s overall utility and performance.


In conclusion, the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock is a highly recommendable option for those seeking a reliable, feature-rich and user-friendly smart lock. Its blend of security features, ease of installation and versatile access methods make it a standout product in the realm of home security solutions.

This comprehensive review aimed to provide a detailed examination of the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock, focusing on its functionality, installation process, pros and cons and overall value, making it a top choice for enhancing home security with advanced and convenient technology!


FAQs: ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock

Q: What are the primary features of the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock ?
A: The ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro offers 7-in-1 keyless entry options including fingerprint ID, smartphone access, voice control, anti-peep keypad, auto unlock, Shake to Open, and a mechanical key. It also supports Bluetooth connectivity and can be controlled remotely with the additional Ultraloq Bridge WiFi Adaptor.

Q: What security standards does the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro meet?
A: This smart lock meets ANSI/BHMA A156.36-2020 standards, ensuring high levels of durability and strength. It also features a glove-friendly keypad and is IP65 rated for dust and weather resistance.

Q: How does the auto lock and auto unlock functionality work on the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro?
A: The auto lock feature automatically secures the door after a set time, which can be customized through the app. The auto unlock feature detects when you approach the door with your smartphone in your pocket and unlocks the door, facilitating seamless entry.

Q: What are the installation requirements for the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock ?
A: The U-Bolt Pro is designed for DIY installation and fits most US standard doors. It requires only a screwdriver to install, with no need for drilling. Detailed instructions are provided to ensure a smooth setup process.

Q: Are there any additional costs associated with using the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro’s full functionality?
A: To access remote features, you must purchase the Ultraloq Bridge WiFi Adaptor separately. This device connects the lock to your home WiFi network, enabling features like remote access and voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Q: Can the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro be integrated with other smart home systems?
A: Yes, besides standard Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, the U-Bolt Pro is compatible with SmartThings and IFTTT, allowing it to function seamlessly within a broader smart home ecosystem.

Q: What are the battery requirements and management for the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro ?
A: The lock is powered by 4 AA batteries, which are included. It features a low battery alert via the app to remind you to replace the batteries. This ensures continuous operation without interruption.

Q: What type of user management features does the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock offer?
A: The ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro allows for extensive user management through its app. Administrators can create and share eKeys, set custom access codes, and view real-time access logs. This capability is perfect for homeowners and property managers who need to manage multiple users like family members, guests, or tenants.

Q: How does the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro enhance accessibility for users?
A: This smart lock includes features like a glove-friendly anti-peep keypad and voice control integration, making it highly accessible. The 360° Live Fingerprint ID ensures that users can quickly unlock their doors without the need for physical keys, enhancing both convenience and accessibility.

Q: What connectivity options are available with the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro ?
A: The U-Bolt Pro primarily uses Bluetooth for local connection and management through the app. For extended functionality, including remote access and voice commands via Alexa and Google Assistant, the optional Ultraloq WiFi Bridge is required, which connects the lock to a 2.4GHz WiFi network.

Q: Can the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro be installed on any type of door?
A: It is designed to fit most US standard left-handed or right-handed doors and replaces your current deadbolt with just a screwdriver, no drilling required. However, it’s always best to check the door dimensions and alignment with the lock specifications to ensure compatibility.

Q: What backup options are available in case of a power failure or dead batteries for the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro ?
A: The U-Bolt Pro provides a mechanical key as a backup entry option. Additionally, if the batteries die, users can temporarily power the lock externally to gain entry and replace the batteries. This ensures that you will always have access to your property even in the event of a power failure.

Q: How does the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro contribute to home security?
A: Along with its ANSI Grade 1 certification, the highest residential security rating, the U-Bolt Pro features an auto-lock function that secures your door after it closes and a robust zinc alloy build. These features ensure that your home remains secure against unauthorized entry and withstands various environmental conditions.

Q: What warranty and support does ULTRALOQ offer for the U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock ?
A: ULTRALOQ backs the U-Bolt Pro with an 18-month electronic warranty and a lifetime mechanical warranty. They also provide lifetime online phone support from Monday to Friday (7 AM to 6 PM PST) and 24/7 after-sales email service, ensuring comprehensive support for their users.

Q: What installation tools are required for the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock ?
A: Installing the U-Bolt Pro is designed to be a DIY-friendly process that only requires a screwdriver. No additional drilling or complex tools are needed, making it accessible for most homeowners to install on their own.

Q: How does the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro ensure security against hacking or unauthorized access?
A: The U-Bolt Pro uses advanced encryption methods for data transmission, significantly reducing the risk of hacking. It also includes security features like random digit entry on the keypad to prevent passcode guessing and a hidden keyhole as a secure backup.

Q: Are there any specific settings or features in the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro that cater to businesses or commercial properties?
A: Yes, the U-Bolt Pro is suitable for both residential and commercial use due to its robust build and versatile access features. Businesses can particularly benefit from the ability to manage multiple users and create custom access schedules, which are essential for managing access to offices or rental properties.

Q: How does the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro integrate with smart home ecosystems?
A: This smart lock integrates seamlessly with smart home systems like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, and IFTTT. This allows users to control the lock with voice commands and connect it to other smart devices for a unified home automation experience.

Q: What measures should be taken to maintain the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro over time?
A: To maintain the U-Bolt Pro, regularly check and replace the batteries as needed, ensure that the firmware is updated via the app, and keep the physical components clean. Regular maintenance helps preserve the functionality and extend the lifespan of the smart lock.

Q: What are the customer support options if I encounter issues with the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro ?
A: ULTRALOQ offers extensive customer support through multiple channels including a comprehensive FAQ section on their website, email support, and live phone support during business hours. This ensures that users can receive assistance quickly when needed.

Q: Can the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro be used on gates or non-traditional doors?
A: The U-Bolt Pro is primarily designed for standard US doors and might not be suitable for gates or doors without deadbolts. However, for non-traditional doors that meet the lock’s installation requirements, it could be feasible with some modifications.

Q: How does the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock’s Auto-Lock feature improve home security?
A: The Auto-Lock feature of the U-Bolt Pro automatically secures your door after it closes, or after a set time you choose. This feature ensures that your door is never left unlocked accidentally, providing peace of mind and enhancing security.

Q: What customization options are available through the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro’s app ?
A: The app for the U-Bolt Pro allows users to customize a wide range of settings, including managing access times, setting unique user codes, monitoring entry and exit logs, and receiving notifications for activities. These capabilities make it an excellent tool for managing security efficiently in real-time.

Q: Can the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro operate in extreme weather conditions?
A: Yes, the U-Bolt Pro is IP65 rated, meaning it is dust-tight and protected against water spray from all directions, making it capable of operating in a variety of environmental conditions, including extreme weather.

Q: What is the expected battery life of the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro , and what type of batteries does it use?
A: The U-Bolt Pro typically requires 4 AA batteries, and depending on usage, these should last about a year. Users receive notifications through the app when batteries are running low, ensuring that the lock’s operation is not unexpectedly disrupted.

Q: Are there any additional features of the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro that enhance user convenience?
A: Beyond its keyless entry features, the U-Bolt Pro offers Shake to Open technology and a Touch and Go 360° Fingerprint ID, both of which enhance user convenience by allowing faster and more intuitive access methods.

Q: How secure is the fingerprint technology used in the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro ?
A: The 360° Fingerprint ID technology used in the U-Bolt Pro is very secure. It reads fingerprints from any angle and only allows registered fingerprints to access, ensuring that only authorized users can unlock the door.

Q: Is the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro compatible with older homes or doors?
A: The U-Bolt Pro is designed to be compatible with most traditional US doors and can replace existing deadbolts without additional drilling. For older doors or non-standard installations, it’s advisable to verify the door’s dimensions and lock specifications to ensure compatibility.










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