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Wyze Lock WiFi & Bluetooth Enabled Smart Door Lock Review

In the era of smart home technology, the Wyze Lock stands out as a notable contender. This WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled smart door lock offers keyless entry and a host of other features, aiming to revolutionize how we secure our homes. This review will delve into its functionality, usability and overall performance.

Wyze Lock Wifi & Bluetooth Enabled Smart Door Lock Review

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1. Overview of Wyze Lock

Key Features

  • Wireless Connectivity: Connects to WiFi and Bluetooth through the Wyze Lock Gateway.
  • Keyless Entry: Unlocks automatically as you approach and locks when you’re inside.
  • Amazon Alexa Compatibility: Allows voice control for hands-free operation.
  • Versatile Use: Compatible with most existing deadbolts and keys.

Added Security Options

  • Wyze Lock Keypad: A wireless keypad for code entry (sold separately).
  • Wyze Cam Integration: Enhances security when paired with the Wyze Cam (sold separately).

User Accessibility

  • Simple Sharing: Grant and manage access for friends, family and others.
  • Door Position Detection: Built-in gyroscope to indicate if the door is open or closed.

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2. Installation and Setup

Easy Installation Process

The Wyze Lock is designed for a straightforward installation (fitting most standard deadbolts without requiring a professional).

Wyze App Integration

Manage the lock, share access, and view entry history through the Wyze app.

3. Usability and Daily Operation

Keyless Convenience

Experience seamless entry and exit without the need for physical keys.

Remote Control and Monitoring

  • Lock/Unlock Remotely: Control the lock from anywhere using the Wyze app.
  • Access History: Keep track of who enters and exits and when.


4. Security and Technology

Advanced Security Features

  • Auto-lock and Auto-unlock: Automates locking and unlocking based on your proximity.
  • Door Position Detection: Ensures you know the exact status of your door.

Enhanced User Experience

  • Voice Control: Operate the lock using Amazon Alexa for added convenience.
  • Wire-free Keypad: Offers additional entry options and enhances security.


5. Pros and Cons


  • Convenience: Offers keyless entry and exit with auto-lock/unlock features.
  • Remote Access: Control and monitor your lock from anywhere.
  • Easy Installation: Compatible with most deadbolts and simple to install.
  • Versatility: Works with current keys and is expandable with additional Wyze products.
  • Access Sharing: Easily grant and manage access for multiple users.
  • Advanced Technology: Door position detection and integration with smart home systems.


  • Separate Purchases: The Wyze Keypad and Wyze Cam are sold separately.
  • Dependency on Connectivity: Requires a stable WiFi connection for full functionality.
  • Battery Reliance: Operates on batteries that need regular replacement.



To conclude, the Wyze Lock WiFi & Bluetooth Enabled Smart Door Lock presents a compelling blend of convenience, security and advanced technology. In fact, its keyless entry, easy installation and compatibility with smart home devices like Amazon Alexa make it an attractive choice for the modern homeowner. While the need for separate purchases to unlock its full potential and reliance on WiFi connectivity might be seen as downsides, the overall functionality and benefits make the Wyze Lock a noteworthy addition to any smart home security system!


FAQs about the Wyze Lock WiFi & Bluetooth Enabled Smart Door Lock

Q: What is the Wyze Lock? A: The Wyze Lock is a WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled smart door lock that offers keyless entry and a variety of features designed to enhance home security and convenience. In fact, it connects to your home network via the Wyze Lock Gateway and is compatible with Amazon Alexa for voice control.

Q: How does the Wyze Lock work? A: The Wyze Lock allows for keyless door entry by automatically unlocking as you approach and locking once you’re inside. Moreover, it can be controlled remotely through the Wyze app, enabling users to lock/unlock the door, share access and monitor entry history from anywhere.

Q: What are the key features of the Wyze Lock? A: Key features include wireless connectivity, auto-lock and auto-unlock, Amazon Alexa compatibility, door position detection and the ability to share access with friends and family. Furthermore, it also integrates with other Wyze products, such as the Wyze Cam and Wyze Lock Keypad for added security options.

Q: Can the Wyze Lock be installed on any door? A: The Wyze Lock is designed to fit most standard deadbolts and can be installed without the need for a professional. In fact, it works with your current key and deadbolt (making it a versatile option for most homes).

Q: What additional security options are available with the Wyze Lock? A: For enhanced security, you can add a Wyze Lock Keypad for code entry and integrate the lock with a Wyze Cam. Both of these accessories are sold separately and provide additional layers of security.

Q: Is the Wyze Lock easy to install? A: Yes, the Wyze Lock features an easy installation process that fits most standard deadbolts and doesn’t require professional help. Furthermore, the Wyze app guides users through setup and integration.

Q: How do I manage access with the Wyze Lock? A: Access can be easily managed through the Wyze app (allowing users to grant and manage access for multiple users). In fact, this makes it simple to share entry with friends, family, contractors and others, with a history of lock and unlock events for monitoring.

Q: What are the pros and cons of the Wyze Lock? A: Pros include the convenience of keyless entry, remote access, easy installation, versatility, access sharing and advanced technology. Cons include the need for separate purchases (Wyze Keypad and Wyze Cam) for full functionality, dependency on a stable WiFi connection and battery reliance.

Q: Does the Wyze Lock require a continuous WiFi connection? A: While the Wyze Lock can function without WiFi for basic locking and unlocking using Bluetooth, a stable WiFi connection is required for remote control, access sharing and to use all of its smart features (including voice commands through Amazon Alexa).

Q: How does the door position detection work? A: The Wyze Lock is equipped with a built-in gyroscope to detect the position of the door, informing you not just whether the lock is engaged, but also if the door itself is open or closed. In fact, this feature ensures you always know the security status of your entryway.

Q: What batteries does the Wyze Lock require, and how long do they last? A: The Wyze Lock operates on AA batteries, with a battery life that can last several months, depending on usage. Furthermore, the Wyze app notifies users when the batteries are low (ensuring you have ample time to replace them without losing functionality).

Q: Can I still use my existing keys with the Wyze Lock installed? A: Yes, the Wyze Lock is designed to work with your current key and deadbolt setup. In fact, this means you can continue to use your existing keys as a backup method of entry (providing flexibility and peace of mind).

Q: How does the auto-lock and auto-unlock feature work? A: The auto-lock feature automatically secures your door after it closes, while the auto-unlock feature detects your approach via your smartphone’s location and Bluetooth connectivity, unlocking the door as you arrive. These features enhance convenience and security (ensuring your door is never accidentally left unlocked).

Q: Is the Wyze Lock compatible with smart home ecosystems other than Amazon Alexa? A: In addition to Amazon Alexa, the Wyze Lock is also compatible with Google Assistant, allowing for voice control within multiple smart home ecosystems. Furthermore, this integration provides users with flexible options for incorporating the lock into their existing smart home setup.

Q: What happens if I lose my phone or it runs out of battery? A: If your phone is lost or its battery dies, you can still access your home using your original keys or by entering a code on the optional Wyze Lock Keypad (sold separately). In fact, it’s also possible to manage access remotely through the Wyze app on another device, such as a tablet or a family member’s smartphone.

Q: Can the Wyze Lock send notifications for all door activity? A: Yes, the Wyze Lock can send real-time notifications for all door activity, including lock and unlock events, door open/close status, and battery life alerts. Furthermore, this feature helps you monitor your home’s security no matter where you are.

Q: How does the Wyze Lock ensure security in case of WiFi or Bluetooth interference? A: The Wyze Lock is designed to maintain its lock functionality even in the event of WiFi or Bluetooth interference (ensuring your door remains secure). Moreover, the lock’s critical functions, like locking and unlocking manually or with a key, are not dependent on wireless connectivity.

Q: What is the warranty period for the Wyze Lock? A: The Wyze Lock comes with a 1-year limited warranty, covering defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. In fact, this warranty provides added assurance of the lock’s reliability and quality.

Q: Can multiple users control the Wyze Lock through the Wyze app? A: Yes, multiple users can control the Wyze Lock through the Wyze app by sharing access. Furthermore, the primary user can grant access to friends, family, or service personnel (providing them with the ability to lock or unlock the door and monitor entry as needed).

Q: How does the Wyze Lock contribute to energy efficiency? A: Although the Wyze Lock is battery-operated, its design focuses on energy efficiency, with features like low energy Bluetooth connectivity and optimized signal protocols to minimize battery drain (contributing to its long battery life and reducing the need for frequent replacements).

Q: How do I update the firmware on my Wyze Lock to ensure it has the latest security features? A: To update the firmware on your Wyze Lock, open the Wyze app, navigate to the lock settings and check for any available firmware updates. Wyze regularly releases updates to enhance security features and improve functionality (ensuring your lock remains up-to-date with the latest advancements).

Q: Is there a limit to the number of guest access codes I can generate with the Wyze Lock? A: The Wyze Lock allows you to generate multiple guest access codes through the Wyze app. While there’s a generous limit to accommodate the needs of most users, it’s designed to prevent abuse and ensure security. For specific numbers, refer to the latest app version or Wyze support for updates.

Q: Can the Wyze Lock automatically lock the door if it’s left open for a certain period? A: The Wyze Lock’s auto-lock feature can be customized to lock the door after a specified period once it’s closed. However, if the door remains open, the lock’s door position detection feature alerts you, but it won’t automatically close the door. Ensuring physical door closure remains a manual responsibility.

Q: What measures does Wyze take to protect user privacy and data security? A: Wyze employs various data security and privacy protections, including encryption for data transmission and strict access controls. Moreover, Wyze is committed to user privacy and regularly updates its security protocols to safeguard against unauthorized access to personal information.

Q: How resistant is the Wyze Lock to physical tampering and forced entry? A: The Wyze Lock is designed with robust materials and security features that resist tampering and forced entry. While no lock is entirely invulnerable, the Wyze Lock includes features like secure mounting and encrypted signals to deter and withstand attempts at physical tampering.

Q: Can I integrate the Wyze Lock with security systems other than Wyze Cam for a more comprehensive home security setup? A: While the Wyze Lock integrates seamlessly with Wyze Cam and other Wyze products, its ability to connect with third-party security systems depends on compatibility. For integration with systems outside the Wyze ecosystem, check for compatibility updates or use IFTTT (If This Then That) services for broader smart home automation options.

Q: What’s the process for troubleshooting connection issues with the Wyze Lock? A: For troubleshooting connection issues, start by checking your WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, ensuring your Wyze Lock Gateway is within range and operational. Restarting the lock and gateway, checking for obstructions and consulting the Wyze app for specific error messages can also help resolve common issues.

Q: Does the Wyze Lock offer a log of all access events, including unsuccessful entry attempts? A: Yes, the Wyze Lock maintains a detailed access history within the Wyze app, which includes both successful and unsuccessful entry attempts. In fact, this feature allows users to monitor access in real-time (enhancing security and providing insights into lock activity).

Q: In case of a Wyze system outage, will the Wyze Lock still function normally? A: The Wyze Lock retains basic functionality, including locking and unlocking manually or with a key, even during a Wyze system outage. However, remote access and notifications may be temporarily unavailable until the system is restored.

Q: Are there any plans for Wyze to release new features or accessories for the Wyze Lock? A: Wyze is continually innovating and may release new features or accessories for the Wyze Lock to enhance its capabilities and integration with smart home ecosystems. Keep an eye on Wyze announcements and updates for the latest information on product developments.















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