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Yale Assure Lever Touchscreen Keypad Door Lever Review

The Yale Assure Lever Touchscreen Keypad Door Lever is a groundbreaking innovation in home security, offering keyless entry and smart connectivity. This comprehensive review will explore its features, installation, usability and overall value, highlighting its capabilities as a deadbolt alternative for doors with no existing deadbolt.

Yale Assure Lever Z Wave Smart Door Lever Review

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1. Key Features of Yale Assure Lever

Keyless Entry and Touchscreen Convenience

The lever features a touchscreen keypad, allowing for keyless entry. Just enter your code on the backlit keypad for easy access.

Versatile Code Management

You can create unique entry codes for friends and family, with the option to delete them as needed (ensuring controlled access to your home).

Auto Relock Function

The Assure Lever includes an Auto Relock function, adding an extra layer of security by ensuring the door is always locked behind you.

Upgrade Potential

The lock can be upgraded with Wi-Fi, integrating it with smart home systems for remote management through the Yale Access app.

Physical Key Backup

It comes with two physical keys and a 9V back-up charger (ensuring access even during power outages).

Installation Ease

The lever can be easily installed on standard doors using basic tools (making it a user-friendly option for homeowners).

Security and Warranty

Backed by Yale’s lifetime limited warranty on finish and mechanical, and one year on electronics, the lock provides peace of mind with its robust build and reliable performance.

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2. Pros and Cons


  • Keyless Entry: Eliminates the need for physical keys.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Touchscreen keypad is easy to use.
  • Code Customization: Allows for creating and deleting user-specific codes.
  • Wi-Fi Upgrade Capability: Offers smart home integration for enhanced control.
  • Emergency Access Options: Includes physical keys and a 9V battery backup.
  • Easy Installation: Simplifies setup with minimal tools required.
  • Trusted Brand Warranty: Comes with Yale’s reliable warranty.


  • Wi-Fi Module Separate: Requires additional purchase for Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • Battery Dependence: Regular battery changes may be necessary.


3. Installation and Usability

DIY Friendly Installation

The Yale Assure Lever is designed for straightforward, tool-minimal installation, suitable for most standard doors.

Intuitive User Experience

The touchscreen interface is user-friendly, offering a hassle-free way to enter and secure your home.


Final Thoughts

A Step Towards Smarter Home Security

To conclude, the Yale Assure Lever Touchscreen Keypad Door Lever is an excellent choice for those seeking a modern, keyless entry solution for their home. Its blend of security, convenience and smart features makes it an appealing choice for both tech-savvy homeowners and those new to smart home technology.

While the need for a separate Wi-Fi module and reliance on batteries are minor drawbacks, they are overshadowed by the lock’s ease of use, installation simplicity and the security benefits it offers. Moreover, this lever is a testament to Yale’s commitment to innovation in home security (combining traditional reliability with modern technology!).

In conclusion, the Yale Assure Lever represents a significant advancement in electronic door locks, offering a combination of user-friendly features, robust security and aesthetic appeal. It stands as a prime choice for anyone looking to upgrade to a smarter, more secure home entry system!


FAQ on the Yale Assure Lever Touchscreen Keypad Door Lever

Q: What is the Yale Assure Lever? A: The Yale Assure Lever is a keyless entry system designed for doors without deadbolts. It features a touchscreen keypad for keyless entry, Auto Relock, versatile code management and can be upgraded for Wi-Fi connectivity.

Q: Can the Yale Assure Lever be used on all types of doors? A: Yes, the Yale Assure Lever is suitable for doors with a single hole prep that are 1-3/8″ to 1-3/4″ thick, replacing existing levers or knobs, making it versatile for various entry doors (including side and garage entries, basements and home offices).

Q: How does keyless entry work with the Yale Assure Lever? A: Keyless entry is facilitated through a touchscreen keypad where users enter a unique code for access. In fact, it eliminates the need for physical keys (enhancing convenience and security).

Q: What emergency access solutions does the Yale Assure Lever provide? A: The Yale Assure Lever includes two physical keys and a 9V back-up charger on the keypad (ensuring access even during power outages or if the internal batteries die).

Q: Can I integrate the Yale Assure Lever with my smart home system? A: While the base model does not include Wi-Fi, it can be upgraded with a Wi-Fi Smart Module to integrate with smart home systems like Z-Wave (allowing for remote management through the Yale Access App and compatibility with smart home automation).

Q: What are the main benefits of installing a Yale Assure Lever? A: Pros include easy, keyless access, code customization for guests, Wi-Fi upgrade capability for smart home integration, emergency access options, easy DIY installation and reliable warranty support from Yale.

Q: Are there any limitations to the Yale Assure Lever? A: Cons may include the need for a separate purchase for Wi-Fi capabilities, dependency on batteries and limited Z-Wave features without Wi-Fi.

Q: How do I manage access codes with the Yale Assure Lever? A: Access codes can be easily created, shared, and deleted via the touchscreen keypad or the Yale Access App (with the Wi-Fi upgrade), allowing for secure, keyless access for family, friends and service personnel.

Q: What type of batteries does the Yale Assure Lever require, and how often will they need to be replaced? A: The lock is powered by 4 AA batteries. Battery life varies based on usage, but you can expect to replace them approximately once a year. Moreover, the lock and app will notify you when the batteries are running low.

Q: What warranty does the Yale Assure Lever come with? A: The Yale Assure Lever is backed by a lifetime limited warranty on the finish and mechanical components and one year on electronics (providing peace of mind regarding the quality and reliability of the lock).

Q: How does the Auto Relock function work on the Yale Assure Lever? A: The Auto Relock function automatically secures the door after it’s been opened and closed, ensuring it’s never left unlocked. In fact, this feature can be customized or turned off according to user preference.

Q: Can the Yale Assure Lever withstand harsh weather conditions? A: Yes, the Yale Assure Lever is designed with a robust build and materials suitable for various weather conditions (ensuring reliable performance both indoors and outdoors).

Q: Is the Yale Assure Lever compatible with voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa? A: After upgrading with a Wi-Fi Smart Module, the Yale Assure Lever becomes compatible with voice assistants such as Siri (Apple HomeKit), Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa (allowing for voice-activated commands to lock and unlock your door, as well as integrate with home automation scenes).

Q: How secure is the touchscreen keypad against potential code theft? A: The touchscreen keypad on the Yale Assure Lever is designed to be secure against unauthorized access. Furthermore, it features a fingerprint-resistant surface to prevent smudge marks from revealing frequently used numbers (enhancing security against potential code theft).

Q: Can the Yale Assure Lever send notifications on lock activity? A: With the Wi-Fi upgrade and the Yale Access App, the Yale Assure Lever can send real-time notifications to your smartphone about lock activity (including lock and unlock events), so you’re always informed about who’s entering or leaving your home.

Q: Does the Yale Assure Lever offer an audit trail feature to track who uses the lock? A: Yes, through the Yale Access App and with a Wi-Fi connection, the Yale Assure Lever provides an audit trail feature (allowing homeowners to see a history of which codes were used and when, offering insight into lock usage for added security and management).

Q: What happens if I forget my entry code to the Yale Assure Lever? A: If you forget your entry code, you can use one of the physical keys provided as a backup to access your home. Alternatively, if you’ve upgraded to Wi-Fi, you can unlock your door via the Yale Access App or reset your codes through the app with appropriate security verifications.

Q: Can the Yale Assure Lever be set to lock automatically after a certain period? A: Yes, the Auto Relock function can be customized to automatically lock the door after a preset time once the door is closed (providing convenience and ensuring your door is never left unlocked accidentally).

Q: How does the 9V battery backup feature work on the Yale Assure Lever? A: In case the internal batteries deplete, the Yale Assure Lever features a 9V battery terminal at the bottom of the keypad. By touching a 9V battery to this terminal, you can provide enough power to the lock to enter your code and gain access (ensuring you’re never locked out due to dead batteries).

Q: Are there any special cleaning instructions for the touchscreen keypad? A: To clean the touchscreen keypad of the Yale Assure Lever, use a soft, damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that could damage the screen’s surface or impair its sensitivity.

Q: What is Yale’s customer service availability for the Yale Assure Lever? A: Yale offers comprehensive customer service for the Yale Assure Lever, including phone support, email assistance and online resources. Their team can help with installation, troubleshooting, and any warranty claims (ensuring support is readily available when needed).

Q: Can the Yale Assure Lever’s settings and codes be managed through a web interface or only through the mobile app? A: The primary method for managing settings and codes for the Yale Assure Lever is through the Yale Access App, which offers a user-friendly interface for smartphones. Furthermore, for models upgraded with Wi-Fi, some features may also be accessible via web interfaces of connected smart home systems (depending on the system’s compatibility).

Q: How can I ensure my Yale Assure Lever is running the latest firmware for optimal security and functionality? A: To ensure your Yale Assure Lever has the latest firmware, regularly check the Yale Access App for updates. The app will notify you when an update is available and you can follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update process (ensuring your lock benefits from the latest security enhancements and features).

Q: What steps should I take if the touchscreen keypad becomes unresponsive? A: If the touchscreen keypad of the Yale Assure Lever becomes unresponsive, try resetting the lock by removing and reinserting the batteries. If the issue persists, contact Yale Customer Support for assistance. Regular cleaning of the keypad with a soft, dry cloth can also help maintain its responsiveness.

Q: Can the Yale Assure Lever be installed on doors with non-standard dimensions or older door frames? A: The Yale Assure Lever is designed to fit most standard doors with thicknesses between 1-3/8″ and 1-3/4″. Furthermore, for doors with non-standard dimensions or older frames, you may need to make minor adjustments for a proper fit. Yale provides an installation manual and door template with the lock, which can help determine if additional modifications are needed.

Q: Does the Yale Assure Lever offer any accessibility features for individuals with disabilities? A: The Yale Assure Lever is designed with accessibility in mind, featuring a touchscreen keypad that is easy to use for individuals with disabilities. In fact, the keyless entry option eliminates the need to manipulate physical keys, and the voice control integration (with compatible smart home systems) can further enhance accessibility.

Q: How does the Yale Assure Lever compare to traditional deadbolt locks in terms of security? A: The Yale Assure Lever provides a level of security comparable to traditional deadbolts, with the added benefits of keyless entry, auto-relock and remote access capabilities. It’s ANSI/BHMA Grade 2 certified (indicating a high level of security against lock picking and bumping commonly associated with traditional locks).

Q: What environmental conditions can the Yale Assure Lever withstand? Is it suitable for exterior doors exposed to weather? A: The Yale Assure Lever is designed with a rubber gasket to protect the door’s finish and is constructed to withstand various environmental conditions, making it suitable for exterior doors. However, it’s recommended to check the product’s specific weatherproof ratings to ensure it meets your needs, especially in extreme weather conditions.

Q: Can I set temporary or scheduled codes for guests with specific time frames using the Yale Assure Lever? A: Yes, with the Yale Access App, you can create temporary or scheduled codes for guests with specific time frames, providing access only during the designated periods. Moreover, this feature is particularly useful for managing access for service providers or visitors.

Q: What happens if I enter the wrong access code into the Yale Assure Lever too many times? A: Entering the wrong access code into the Yale Assure Lever multiple times will trigger a temporary lockout period to prevent unauthorized access attempts. Moreover, the lock will notify you of the lockout via the Yale Access App and after the lockout period, you can try again or use an alternate entry method.

Q: Are there any decorative accessories or trim available to customize the look of my Yale Assure Lever? A: While the Yale Assure Lever comes in multiple finishes (like Satin Nickel), Yale offers various decorative accessories and trim options to further customize the look of your lock to match your home’s aesthetic. Check the Yale website or contact customer support for available options.

Q: How do I contact Yale Customer Support if I have questions or need assistance with my Yale Assure Lever? A: You can contact Yale Customer Support through several channels, including phone, email and live chat via the Yale website. Moroever, their team is available to assist with installation questions, troubleshooting issues, warranty claims and any other inquiries you may have about your Yale Assure Lever.












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