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Zowill 7-in-1 Fingerprint Deadbolt Smart Door Lock Review

The Zowill 7-in-1 Fingerprint Deadbolt Smart Door Lock Set represents a new era in home security solutions. Combining multiple access methods with a sleek design, this lock is tailored to meet the needs of modern homeowners, office setups and Airbnb hosts. This review will delve into its features, installation process and overall performance to assess its suitability for various settings.

Zowill 7 In 1 Fingerprint Deadbolt Smart Door Lock Set Review 5

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1. Unpacking the Features of Zowill Smart Door Lock

Innovative Design and Build Quality

Sporting a stylish black finish, the Zowill Smart Lock integrates a robust aluminum, plastic and alloy construction. Moreover, it’s equipped with a handle and a keypad (merging traditional door hardware aesthetics with advanced technology). In fact, the design is not just about looks; it’s also about providing a durable and waterproof solution for your home’s entry points.

Versatile Access Options

This smart lock offers seven ways to unlock, including fingerprint recognition, app control, IC fobs, passcodes, mechanical keys, web portal access and Alexa voice control (G2 Gateway required). Furthermore, this versatility ensures that the lock can cater to various user preferences and scenarios.

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2. Pros and Cons


  • Multiple Access Methods: Provides flexibility with seven ways to unlock (catering to different user needs).
  • Remote Access and Control: Manage access remotely using the DDlock app, perfect for Airbnb hosts and rental property management.
  • Auto Lock & One-touch Locking: Enhances security and convenience with customizable auto-lock settings.
  • Durable and Weatherproof: Suitable for all weather conditions (ensuring longevity and reliability).
  • Enhanced Security Features: Includes passage mode, anti-peeping keypad and anti-hacking measures for robust protection.
  • Easy Installation: Can be installed on standard US doors with just a screwdriver (making it accessible for DIY enthusiasts).


  • Additional Purchase for Full Functionality: Requires the separate purchase of the Zowill G2 WiFi Gateway for some features.
  • Battery-Dependent: Operates on batteries, requiring periodic replacements.


3. Installation and Setup

Streamlined DIY Installation

The Zowill 7-in-1 Smart Lock is designed for easy installation, compatible with standard US doors and requiring only a Phillips screwdriver. Furthermore, this simplicity allows users to upgrade their door security without the need for professional assistance (making it ideal for both homeowners and rental property managers).

Configuration and Connectivity

Programming the lock involves setting up access methods (including fingerprint registration and app connectivity), through an intuitive process. Furthermore, for full smart functionality, including remote access, the additional purchase of the Zowill G2 WiFi Gateway is necessary (expanding the lock’s capabilities to integrate with smart home systems!).

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4. User Experience

Daily Operation and Accessibility

In daily use, the Zowill Smart Lock offers a seamless experience with its versatile access options. Moreover, the auto-lock feature and one-touch locking provide added convenience and security. In fact, the robust design ensures longevity, while the low battery alert function helps maintain continuous operation.

Remote Access and Monitoring

Using the free DDlock app, users can manage access permissions, monitor entry records and receive real-time updates on lock status. Furthermore, for those with the optional G2 Gateway, voice control via Alexa and Google Assistant adds an extra layer of convenience.


5. Security and Accessibility

Advanced Security Features

The Zowill Smart Lock is equipped with several security enhancements (including an anti-peeping touchscreen keypad to prevent unauthorized access). Moroever, the passage mode offers flexibility, while the lock’s sturdy build and weatherproof rating provide reliable security in various environmental conditions.

User-Friendly Interface

The lock’s design caters to a wide range of users (offering both traditional and modern access methods). Furthermore, this inclusivity ensures that the lock is accessible and convenient for all users, regardless of their familiarity with smart home technology.

6. Smart Home Integration

Seamless Connectivity with Smart Devices

When paired with the Zowill G2 WiFi Gateway, the lock’s potential is fully realized (allowing for integration with smart home assistants and remote access and control capabilities). In fact, this feature is particularly beneficial for users who have embraced smart home technology.


Final Assessment

Evaluating the Zowill 7-in-1 Smart Lock

The Zowill 7-in-1 Fingerprint Deadbolt Smart Door Lock Set is an excellent choice for those seeking a versatile, secure and user-friendly smart lock. Moreover, its range of access methods, durability and integration with smart home systems make it suitable for a wide array of settings, from private residences to rental properties.

Ideal User Profile

This smart lock is ideal for tech-savvy homeowners, rental property managers and Airbnb hosts who value the convenience of remote access, advanced security features and flexibility in managing property access.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, the Zowill Smart Lock provides a comprehensive solution that balances advanced technology with ease of use and robust security. In fact, while it requires a separate WiFi gateway for some functionalities and operates on batteries, its comprehensive features, ease of installation and robust security measures make it a compelling choice in the smart lock market!


FAQ on Zowill 7-in-1 Fingerprint Deadbolt Smart Door Lock Set

Q: What unique features does the Zowill Smart Lock offer for home security?
A: The Zowill Smart Lock offers seven ways to unlock, including fingerprint recognition, app control, IC fobs, passcodes, mechanical keys, web portal access and Alexa voice control (with the G2 Gateway), offering unparalleled flexibility and security.

Q: How durable is the Zowill Smart Door Lock, and is it suitable for all weather conditions?
A: Crafted from aluminum, plastic, and alloy, the lock is durable and weatherproof, making it suitable for any climate (ensuring long-term reliability for your home’s entry points).

Q: Can the Zowill Smart Lock be integrated with smart home systems for remote access and control?
A: Yes, with the addition of the Zowill G2 WiFi Gateway (sold separately), the lock integrates with smart home systems for remote access and control via the DDlock app (enhancing convenience for homeowners and rental property management).

Q: What are the installation requirements for the Zowill 7-in-1 Smart Lock?
A: The lock can be installed on standard US doors using just a Phillips screwdriver, with a straightforward process that makes it accessible for DIY installation by homeowners and rental property managers alike.

Q: Does the Zowill Smart Lock provide any auto-locking and one-touch locking features for added security?
A: Yes, it features auto-lock and one-touch locking functionalities, which can be customized for enhanced security and convenience (ensuring peace of mind for users!).

Q: Are there any additional purchases required to utilize all functionalities of the Zowill Smart Lock?
A: For full functionality, including remote access and smart home integration, the Zowill G2 WiFi Gateway is required as a separate purchase (expanding the lock’s capabilities beyond Bluetooth connectivity).

Q: How does the Zowill Smart Lock enhance security against unauthorized access?
A: It includes advanced security features such as passage mode, an anti-peeping keypad and anti-hacking measures (offering robust protection for your property).

Q: What kind of customer support and warranty does Zowill offer for the Smart Lock?
A: Zowill provides a 1-year warranty and lifetime customer service (ensuring users receive support for installation, app issues, or any other inquiries related to their smart lock).

Q: How is the user experience with daily operation and remote monitoring of the Zowill Smart Lock?
A: Users enjoy a seamless experience with versatile access options, real-time monitoring and management of access permissions through the DDlock app, especially when used with the optional G2 Gateway for Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands.

Q: What considerations should be made regarding the lock’s battery life and maintenance?
A: The lock is battery-dependent, requiring 4 AA batteries (not included), with a low battery alert function in the app to remind users of replacements (ensuring the lock remains operational).

Q: How does the Zowill Smart Lock’s fingerprint access enhance user convenience compared to traditional locks?
A: The fingerprint access feature provides quick and secure entry with just a touch, eliminating the need for keys or remembering codes (making it a significant upgrade over traditional lock systems for ease and speed of access).

Q: What smart home assistants is the Zowill Smart Lock compatible with for voice control functionality?
A: When used with the Zowill G2 WiFi Gateway, the smart lock is compatible with Amazon Alexa (enabling users to lock and unlock their doors using voice commands for an enhanced smart home experience).

Q: Can the Zowill Smart Lock be used on rental properties or Airbnb accommodations?
A: Absolutely, the lock is ideal for rental properties and Airbnb accommodations due to its remote access and control capabilities through the DDlock app, which allow property managers and hosts to manage access without physical key exchanges.

Q: Is the installation of the Zowill Smart Lock reversible for both left and right-handed doors?
A: Yes, the design of the Zowill Smart Lock accommodates both left and right-handed door orientations (ensuring a seamless fit and installation flexibility for various door setups).

Q: What type of batteries does the Zowill Smart Lock require, and what is the expected battery life?
A: The lock operates on 4 AA batteries (not included), with an expected battery life that can last more than a year, depending on usage, complemented by a low battery alert function for timely replacement.

Q: How secure is the anti-peeping touchscreen keypad against unauthorized access?
A: The anti-peeping touchscreen keypad allows users to enter random numbers before and after their actual passcode (significantly enhancing security by protecting against unauthorized access through shoulder surfing).

Q: Does the Zowill Smart Lock feature an emergency power option in case of battery failure?
A: While the article doesn’t specify an emergency power option, users are advised to regularly check battery levels via the app’s low battery alert to ensure continuous operation and avoid lockouts.

Q: How does the passage mode function work on the Zowill Smart Lock for ease of access during high traffic times?
A: Passage mode allows the door to remain unlocked for a specified period, ideal for situations where frequent access is needed, such as during gatherings, without compromising the overall security when activated.

Q: What is the warranty and customer service support like for the Zowill Smart Lock?
A: Zowill offers a minimum of 1-year product warranty along with lifetime customer service support (providing peace of mind and assistance for any installation or operational queries).

Q: Are there any accessories or components included in the purchase of the Zowill Smart Lock for immediate setup?
A: The package includes installation hardware, 2 keys, 2 IC fobs, and a comprehensive installation guide (ensuring users have everything needed for a quick and easy setup right out of the box).

Q: How does the Zowill Smart Lock ensure the security and privacy of fingerprint data collected for access?
A: The Zowill Smart Lock utilizes advanced encryption for fingerprint data, ensuring that biometric information is securely stored and processed (safeguarding against unauthorized access and ensuring user privacy!).

Q: Can users manage and revoke access permissions remotely through the DDlock app for the Zowill Smart Lock?
A: Yes, the DDlock app allows users to manage and revoke access permissions remotely, offering the flexibility to adjust access rights for guests, service personnel, or tenants from anywhere (enhancing security and convenience for property management).

Q: What is the process for resetting the Zowill Smart Lock to factory settings in case of selling the property or changing tenants?
A: To reset the Zowill Smart Lock to factory settings, users can follow a straightforward process outlined in the user manual, which typically involves a combination of physical button presses on the lock itself (ensuring a fresh start for new users or property owners).

Q: How resistant is the Zowill Smart Lock to physical tampering or forced entry attempts?
A: Crafted with a sturdy aluminium alloy body, the Zowill Smart Lock is designed to be tamper-resistant, offering robust protection against physical tampering and forced entry attempts (ensuring a high level of security for your property).

Q: Are there any subscription fees associated with the DDlock app or any features of the Zowill Smart Lock?
A: The DDlock app and basic functionalities of the Zowill Smart Lock do not require subscription fees, providing free access management and monitoring capabilities (although certain advanced features may require the Zowill G2 WiFi Gateway).

Q: How does the Zowill Smart Lock’s auto-lock feature work, and is it customizable based on user preference?
A: The auto-lock feature can be customized to automatically engage after a user-defined time period following an unlock event (offering both convenience and enhanced security by ensuring the door is never left unlocked accidentally).

Q: What measures does the Zowill Smart Lock take to prevent hacking or unauthorized electronic access?
A: The lock incorporates anti-hacking measures with advanced encryption techniques for communication and data storage, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized electronic access and ensuring the security of access credentials.

Q: In the event of a power failure or battery depletion, what alternative access methods are available with the Zowill Smart Lock?
A: Besides electronic methods, the Zowill Smart Lock provides mechanical keys for alternative access, ensuring entry is possible even in the event of power failure or battery depletion (maintaining access security and convenience).

Q: How does the weatherproof rating of the Zowill Smart Lock ensure its reliability in different environmental conditions?
A: With an IP54 weatherproof rating, the Zowill Smart Lock is engineered to withstand rain, dust, and extreme temperatures (ensuring reliable operation and durability in a variety of environmental conditions).

Q: What support options are available for troubleshooting or technical issues with the Zowill Smart Lock?
A: Zowill offers comprehensive support options including a detailed user guide, online FAQs and direct customer service contact through email or phone (providing assistance for troubleshooting or technical issues users may encounter).












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