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Zowill Smart Lock Review

The Zowill Smart Lock represents a significant advancement in home security technology. Combining keyless entry, app control, and a sleek design, this smart deadbolt lock is tailored for modern homes, rental properties and Airbnb accommodations. This review will explore the lock’s features, installation process and overall functionality to assess its suitability for enhancing home security.

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1. Unveiling the Features of Zowill Smart Lock

Innovative Design and Build Quality

The Zowill Smart Lock, in its matte black finish, offers a contemporary look that complements various door styles. Moreover, its robust alloy construction ensures durability, while the touchscreen keypad provides a modern and user-friendly interface for secure access.

Versatile Access Options

This smart lock provides five methods of access: app control, fobs, password, key and thumb turn. Furthermore, such versatility ensures convenience for various users and scenarios (making it a fit for diverse security needs!).

2. Pros and Cons


  • Multiple Access Methods: Offers flexibility with five ways to unlock (catering to different user preferences).
  • App Control and eKey Sharing: Manage access remotely using the app, ideal for homeowners and rental property managers.
  • Remote and Voice Control: Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant for integrated smart home control (G2 Gateway required).
  • Advanced Security Features: Includes an anti-peep password design, wrong entry limit and customizable auto-lock time.
  • Easy Installation: Can be installed on standard doors with just a screwdriver (making it accessible for DIY enthusiasts).
  • Durable and Weatherproof: Built to withstand various weather conditions (ensuring longevity and reliability).


  • Separate Purchase for Full Functionality: Requires the Zowill G2 WiFi Gateway for remote access and voice control, which is sold separately.
  • Battery-Dependent: Operates on batteries, requiring periodic replacements.
  • Limited Direct Wi-Fi Connectivity: Relies on Bluetooth and optional gateway for full remote access and control.

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3. Installation and Setup

User-Friendly Installation Process

The Zowill Smart Lock is designed for easy installation (making it accessible for homeowners who prefer a DIY approach). Moreover, it fits standard door dimensions and requires only basic tools, such as a screwdriver, for installation. In fact, the package includes all necessary components (ensuring a smooth setup process!).

Configuration and Connectivity

Configuring the lock involves programming access methods through the touchscreen keypad or the app. In fact, the process is straightforward, catering to users of varying technological expertise. For enhanced functionality, such as remote and voice control, the additional Zowill G2 WiFi Gateway is necessary.

4. User Experience

Daily Use and Accessibility

In daily operation, the Zowill Smart Lock offers a seamless experience. Furthermore, its multiple access methods provide flexibility for different user preferences, while the one-touch locking feature adds convenience. In fact, the app’s interface is intuitive, facilitating easy management of access permissions and monitoring of entry logs.

Remote Access and Monitoring

The ability to control and monitor the lock remotely through the app is a standout feature. Moreover, it allows homeowners and property managers to grant temporary access to guests or service providers (enhancing the convenience and security of property management!).


5. Security and Accessibility

Enhanced Security Features

The Zowill Smart Lock is equipped with several security enhancements, such as the anti-peeping password feature and wrong entry limit, which bolster its defense against unauthorized access. For instance, the customizable auto-lock time feature adds an extra layer of security by ensuring the door is locked automatically.

Accessibility for a Range of Users

The lock’s design caters to a wide user base, from tech-savvy individuals to those who prefer traditional access methods. Furthermore, the inclusion of mechanical keys and thumb turn provides accessibility even in the absence of technological interaction.

6. Smart Home Integration

Compatibility with Smart Home Ecosystems

When integrated with the optional Zowill G2 WiFi Gateway, the smart lock’s potential expands significantly. Moreover, it allows for voice control via Alexa and Google Assistant, adding a layer of convenience for users invested in smart home technology.

Five,stars,icon,vectorFinal Verdict

Assessing the Zowill Smart Lock

To conclude, the Zowill Smart Lock is an excellent choice for those seeking a high-tech, secure and versatile locking system. In fact, it blends advanced security features with user-friendly operation, suitable for a variety of settings including homes, rental properties and Airbnb accommodations.

Ideal User Profile

This smart lock is particularly suited for homeowners and rental property managers who value the convenience of remote access, advanced security features and flexibility in managing property access.

Concluding Overview

Overall, the Zowill Smart Lock offers a comprehensive solution that balances cutting-edge technology with ease of use and robust security. In fact, while it requires a separate WiFi gateway for some functionalities and relies on batteries, its comprehensive features and versatile access methods make it a compelling choice in the smart lock market!


FAQ: Zowill Smart Lock

Q: What makes the Zowill Smart Lock stand out in the smart lock market?
A: The Zowill Smart Lock distinguishes itself with its versatile access options, including app control, fobs, password, mechanical key and thumb turn access, alongside its sleek matte black finish and durable alloy construction. In fact, its compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control (with G2 Gateway) enhances its appeal in the smart home ecosystem.

Q: Can I integrate the Zowill Smart Lock with my existing smart home system?**
A: Yes, the Zowill Smart Lock integrates with smart home systems via the Zowill G2 WiFi Gateway (sold separately), offering remote and voice control capabilities with Alexa and Google Assistant (making it a seamless addition to your smart home setup).

Q: How do I ensure a successful installation of the Zowill Smart Lock on my door?
A: For a successful installation, ensure your door meets the standard dimensions supported by the lock. Moreover, the installation process is designed for DIY with just a screwdriver and following the step-by-step instructions provided will facilitate a smooth setup.

Q: Are there any security features specific to the Zowill Smart Lock that protect against unauthorized access?
A: The Zowill Smart Lock features advanced security measures including an anti-peep password option, a wrong entry limit to deter unauthorized attempts and a customizable auto-lock function to ensure your door is always secured.

Q: What should I do if the battery runs low on my Zowill Smart Lock?
A: The Zowill Smart Lock operates on batteries and will notify you through the app when batteries are low. In fact, it’s recommended to replace them promptly with new ones to ensure uninterrupted operation and security.

Q: Is the Zowill Smart Lock weatherproof, and can it withstand outdoor conditions?
A: Yes, the Zowill Smart Lock is built to be durable and weatherproof (making it suitable for various outdoor conditions). Moreover, its robust construction ensures longevity and reliable operation regardless of the weather.

Q: How can I share access with guests or service providers using the Zowill Smart Lock?
A: Access can be shared easily through the app’s eKey sharing feature, allowing you to grant temporary or permanent access to guests, family members, or service providers directly from your smartphone.

Q: Does the Zowill Smart Lock offer a mechanical key override in case of technology failures?
A: Yes, the Zowill Smart Lock includes a mechanical key option as a backup access method (ensuring you can always unlock your door, even in the absence of power or electronic failure).

Q: What are the connectivity protocols supported by the Zowill Smart Lock for smart home integration?
A: The primary connectivity protocol for the Zowill Smart Lock is Bluetooth, with enhanced features accessible via the Zowill G2 WiFi Gateway for remote and voice control integration into your smart home network.

Q: How can I obtain technical support or assistance with my Zowill Smart Lock if I encounter issues?
A: Technical support for the Zowill Smart Lock is available through the manufacturer’s customer service team, with contact details provided in the product documentation. Furthermore, support includes assistance with installation, operation, troubleshooting and warranty information.

Q: Can the Zowill Smart Lock’s app control be used on multiple devices?
A: Yes, the app control feature of the Zowill Smart Lock allows for multi-device synchronization, enabling various users to control and manage the lock from their individual smartphones (enhancing convenience for family members or property managers).

Q: What steps should I follow if my Zowill Smart Lock fails to connect to the app?
A: If your Zowill Smart Lock experiences connectivity issues, ensure your smartphone’s Bluetooth is on and within range. Restarting the app or resetting the lock’s connection can often resolve the issue. If problems persist, consult the user manual or contact customer support.

Q: How can I maximize the battery life of my Zowill Smart Lock?
A: To extend the battery life, regularly check the app for battery status, use high-quality alkaline batteries, minimize the use of remote and voice commands and ensure the lock mechanism moves freely without obstruction.

Q: Are there any accessibility features for users with disabilities in the Zowill Smart Lock?
A: The Zowill Smart Lock offers accessibility features like voice control (with the G2 Gateway) and one-touch locking (facilitating ease of use for users with physical disabilities). Moreover, the app’s eKey sharing and remote access also enhance accessibility for those unable to use traditional keys or keypads.

Q: How does the auto-lock feature work on the Zowill Smart Lock?
A: The auto-lock feature on the Zowill Smart Lock can be customized via the app to lock the door automatically after a set time has passed since it was last unlocked (offering an added layer of security and peace of mind).

Q: Can the Zowill Smart Lock be used on gates or outdoor installations?**
A: While durable and weatherproof, it’s important to consider the specific model’s environmental rating and protection against prolonged direct exposure to harsh weather when installing the Zowill Smart Lock on gates or outdoor settings.

Q: What is the process for updating the firmware or software of the Zowill Smart Lock?
A: Firmware and software updates for the Zowill Smart Lock are typically managed through the app. Ensure your lock is connected via Bluetooth or WiFi (via the G2 Gateway) to receive and install updates automatically, keeping your lock’s functionality optimal.

Q: How secure is the encryption used in the Zowill Smart Lock’s wireless communications?
A: The Zowill Smart Lock employs advanced encryption standards for its wireless communications to secure data transmission between the lock, the app, and any connected devices (safeguarding against unauthorized access and ensuring user data protection!).

Q: Is it possible to integrate the Zowill Smart Lock with a home alarm system?
A: Integration with a home alarm system depends on the compatibility of the Zowill Smart Lock with your home’s security ecosystem. Furthermore, using the G2 Gateway, it may link with various smart home platforms, which could include alarm systems for comprehensive security integration.

Q: What should I do if the touchscreen keypad becomes unresponsive?
A: If the touchscreen keypad of the Zowill Smart Lock becomes unresponsive, try cleaning the screen gently with a soft, dry cloth. If the issue persists, check the batteries and replace them if necessary. Furthermore, for continued difficulties, reach out to Zowill customer support for assistance.

Q: What are the recommended steps for resetting the Zowill Smart Lock to its factory settings?
A: To perform a factory reset on your Zowill Smart Lock, typically, you would need to locate the reset button on the interior side of the lock. Press and hold this button for a specified duration until the lock indicates the reset process has been initiated. Consult the user manual for precise instructions as models may vary.

Q: How can I ensure my Zowill Smart Lock’s Wi-Fi connectivity is optimized for remote access?
A: For optimal Wi-Fi connectivity, ensure your Zowill Smart Lock (via the G2 Gateway) is within a reliable range of your Wi-Fi router. Utilizing Wi-Fi extenders can enhance signal strength in larger homes. Always use a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network, as this is commonly supported.

Q: Can the eKey sharing feature of the Zowill Smart Lock be time-restricted for guests?
A: Yes, the eKey sharing feature allows you to assign time-restricted access to guests. Moreover, this can be configured directly through the app, where you can set specific dates and times for eKeys (making it ideal for managing short-term rentals or granting temporary access to visitors).

Q: What troubleshooting steps should be taken if the app fails to connect to the Zowill Smart Lock?
A: If the app fails to connect to the Zowill Smart Lock, first ensure your smartphone’s Bluetooth is on and you’re within range. Restarting the app and the lock, or even your smartphone, can help resolve connectivity issues. If problems persist, checking for app and firmware updates or contacting customer support may be necessary.

Q: How does the anti-peep password function work to enhance security on the Zowill Smart Lock?
A: The anti-peep password function allows you to enter random digits before or after your actual password, preventing others from guessing your password by watching finger movements or identifying smudges on the keypad. Only the correct sequence within the longer set of numbers will unlock the door, significantly enhancing security.

Q: Is there a way to monitor the battery level of the Zowill Smart Lock through the app?
A: Yes, the Zowill Smart Lock app provides a battery level indicator, allowing you to monitor the lock’s battery status conveniently. You’ll receive notifications when the batteries are running low (ensuring you can replace them before they’re completely depleted).

Q: How can I access technical specifications and support documentation for my Zowill Smart Lock?
A: Technical specifications and support documentation, including installation guides and user manuals, are typically available on the Zowill website or directly through the app. Moreover, this information can help with detailed setup instructions, feature explanations and troubleshooting tips.

Q: What measures should be taken for maintenance to ensure the Zowill Smart Lock continues to operate efficiently?
A: Regular maintenance for the Zowill Smart Lock includes cleaning the touchscreen and exterior with a soft, dry cloth, checking and replacing batteries as needed and ensuring the lock’s firmware is updated for optimal performance and security features.

Q: Are there any accessibility features for individuals with visual or physical impairments?
A: For enhanced accessibility, the Zowill Smart Lock offers features like voice control (via the optional G2 Gateway and smart home integration), one-touch locking, and app-based control, which can be particularly helpful for individuals with visual or physical impairments.

Q: What is the process for adding or deleting access codes on the Zowill Smart Lock?
A: Access codes can be added or deleted directly through the Zowill Smart Lock’s app. The interface allows for straightforward management of user codes, enabling you to easily grant or revoke access as needed, with the capability to customize code access schedules for added convenience and security.












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